We take care of our military community. This is the cornerstone of The Warrior Network. Whatever the need, we want to help meet it, whether spiritual, physical, or emotional. We understand that there are many needs that our military community faces, especially being separated from family. For the most part, in the military community, the need is not physical, rather, it is emotional, spiritual and relational. We want to provide support for individuals, marriages, deployed families, grief, substance abuse, etc. You need to talk to someone, we are here. Your family need help while your spouse is deployed, we are here. You lose a loved one or have to deal with sickness, we are here. You need help packing or moving, we are here. You need prayer support, a friend, a shoulder, someone to listen, family to hang with, we are here.

This is also where the local community as well as our military community come together as a serve together! Needs are not met alone, so our goal is to take the military community and the church/local community, bring them together, and meet the need. Whether that is a need of ONE of our military members, MANY of our military members, or a need in our community that our military community can help meet. This works both ways!

"THe Warrior Network is a profound support organization for the service men and women in this community.  Their passion and commitment to improving morale and providing support to the local military community is heartfelt."

Monique Roux